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2018 S6 Pro Class AB + B High current 2 ohm Stable Amplifier

The new and improved Class AB + B  2 ohm stable high current S6 Pro.

Front Panel Cosmetic Update:

New High Quality Paint finish & New Font with Grey Red and White color scheme

VU Meter Display:

New and improved multiple color VU Meter display, for increased visual Stereo recording & playback monitoring.

Internal Design Updates & Improvements:

36 Custom made to spec output devices
2 x the amount of Transistors
Larger heat since made to spec for better cooling and improved sound quality
Made to Spec Power Capacitors with high current Storage capacity

I/O rear panel:

Switchable parallel Stereo & Mono input stage
Step Attenuation Pots
Power Cord:
10 GA 30 amp power cord
To Be Announced
Availability Debut TBA:
The 2018 SBS Designs S6 Pro Class AB+B amplifier to debut at our state of the art Nightclub showroom, Analog BKNY.
SBS Designs is sold EXCLUSIVELY with the one of a kind Hifi Analog Hand made SBS Slammer sound Systems

Analog BKNY

177 2nd Ave

Brooklyn NY 11215

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