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2018 SBS Designs S3 Pro Class AB Amplifier Prototype


The S3 Pro is my second entry into the S Pro convection cooled series,  and is our finest offering to date.

The S3 Pro shown in its 17 in test unit will be offered in a 3 RU 19 in Rack mountable amplifier that is an all transistor design and does not offer any IC s. The S3 Pro is fully complementary current mirror topology for both the balanced preamp and power amp circuits.

The SBS Designs S3 Pro is protected for DC fault, thermal and overload by proprietary shunt type shutdown circuits. There are no relay contacts in series with any audio in our latest design that will effect the audio signal path whatsoever.

With the S3 Pro there is no conventional VI limiter which could produce fly-back pulse noise at high listening volumes to offer the highest fidelity at any level of play back or monitoring a sound track.

For Gain staging, the S3 Pro offers gain adjustment potentiometer provided on rear panel, to allow for perfect gain match to audio source in any application.


S3 Pro Specifications:

Output power:

225 W/CH @ 8 ohms 375 W/CH @ 4 ohms

Frequency response:

5hz to 300khz within 0.5db


.01 % up to 300 W/CH , .02 % at full power.

 Slew rate:

150 V/uS , 0.4 uS rise time to full output

Gain factor:

adjustable from 10 to 30

Rear panel has feed thru xlr, each input has an xlr output. Gold RCA input for unbalanced is optional.

Remote Turn on:

12 volt remote turn on is optional.

Max power consumption:

1400 watts

Max heat output:

2047 BTU/hr


Studio Monitors
Live PA
High end Nightclub Installations


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