History of SBS

History of SBS:


SBS – Systems By Shorty was founded in 2001 with the intentions of bringing high quality audio, vision, and innovation back to the pro audio industry. Craig “Shorty” Bernabeu has been in the audio industry since 1985. He has an extensive career and much work experience on some of the finest sound systems ever available to nightclubs such as legendary nightclub: Club Zanzibar in Newark, NJ housing one of the best Richard Long Sound Systems.


In late 1995, Craig “Shorty” Bernabeu, was hired to work with Steve Dash and Phil Smith of Phazon for 6 years at world- renowned nightclub Twilo, in NYC as the head sound technician.


In 2001, SBS started handling SBNY Splash Bar NYC, on a major renovation of their sound system, that to this day has been a on going project to reinvent and always upgrade there Custom Analog SBS sound system, that has gotten praise world wide by Major DJs. In 2009 SBS Received Top sound system nomination for his Custom system at Splash by Club Systems International magazine.


In late 2001, Legendary Grammy winning DJ Producer David Morales of Def Mix Productions Becomes a Client for SBS. SBS was hired to redo David Morales ref playback sound system for Def Mix productions.


In February of 2003, David Morales hires Craig “Soundman Shorty” Bernabeu of SBS – Systems By Shorty, as the head sound engineer, to redesign, Re-engineer, Rebuild and install a new custom analog HiFi playback sound system for Club Stereo in Montreal, Canada which gave SBS world wide recognition as the leader in pro audio as the Number 1 system in the world.


In Late 2003, He Starts to engineer and design his 1st piece of electronics, this lead him to start a new company called Thrive Audio with the president & the head of Summit Audio Product engineering made in the Summit Audio facility in the USA. The 1st product he designed for Thrive is a 5 way Isolator, which features Vacuum Tubes & solid State topology, The Isolator was the 1st of its kind to be designed & was featured in all his sound systems across the Globe at that time.


In 2003 from the success of his designs for the Thrive line in his installs used as the Test bed for products 1st before hitting the market, he & his Partners Officially start Thrive Audio with product available to the public commercially outside of SBS Installs.


In 2005 He designs his 2nd processor for Thrive Audio called the Bender, a 5 band program eq with 4 selectable frequencies on each band. The Bender is another 1st of its kind processor for the pro audio nightclub industry.


In 2006 He lays out the plans for a full line of amplifiers for Thrive Audio, SBS & head of engineering design a full High end Amplifier line. The Thrive amp layout ranges from small, to high power ratings. These amplifiers & High end Processors along with his Thrive Audio Isolator has gotten acclaim from djs & press world wide, which lead to more then 1 club globally using his line & has gotten SBS multiple Top sound system awards, and multiple nominations for worlds best sound.


In late 2006, SBS was contracted to build a custom HIFI Analog Sound system for Lotus Sound Bar in Honolulu Hawaii,. that has received award nominations in 2008 for worlds best sound system by Club Systems International magazine & has been getting praise from djs internationally and throughout Asia. The custom SBS HIFI system at Lotus Sound Bar featured his Isolator and was the 1 st club in the world to be outfitted with his Line of amplifiers.


Late 2006, He Builds his first state of the art hand made custom built HIFI Analog sound system at Gspot in Shanghaii China. Gspot was the 1st club in Asia to feature his Isolator. Gspot made the front cover of Club Systems International Magazine with a featured story on his HIFI installation.


In 2009, SBS designs and builds a 1 of a kind hand made Audiophile Analog sound system for Stereolab Singapore that becomes world reknown for an amazing system and makes Stereolab the ultimate dj destination. Stereolab was the 1st club in asia to offer his full line of Amplifiers, Isolator & Bender program eq which set the bar in Asia for High quality sound, and gotten awards nominations for best sound system in Singapore.


Late 2009 He designs the 1st of its kind Isolator for Thrive called the Cutter. The Cutter is a 3 band isolator with selectable frequency cards, which allows the end user to pick there own xover point to set there processor how they like via xover cards that are offered with the Cutter.


Late 2009 He re – engineers the system at SBNY with his full line of amplifiers, which lead him to get nominated yet again for Best sound system in Club System international magazine SBS Award Nominations thru trade publications Globally.


In 2004, SBS – Systems By Shorty, was nominated for The Club World Award for World’s Best Sound System for his HIFI Analog sound system in Club Stereo in Montreal.:


In 2005, SBS – Systems By Shorty, was nominated for The Club World Award one year Later, for the Category called the Night Stalker award, for his sound system in Club Stereo,


In 2006, SBS –SystemsbyShorty was nominated for The Club World Award for World’s Best Sound System for his sound system in Club Stereo in Montreal. By Club Systems International Magazine.


In 2008, SBS was nominated for The Club World Award for World’s Best Sound System for his sound system in Lotus Sound Bar in Honolulu Hawaii.


In 2009, was nominated for The Club World Award for World’s Best Sound System for his sound system in the Best Sound System category for SBNY / Splash bar NYC


April 2011 SBS gets Top sound system in NYC award for the SBS Slammer, a hifi analog sound system for SystemNY in Long Isl city NY. System was the 1st club to offer his Thrive Cutter, 3 band Isolator.



Press on SBS




The Debute of the SBS Slammer Sound System line, In 2011 SystemNY opens with The SBS Slammer. The Slammer is already receiving global praise from veterans:

John Jellybean Benitez,

David Morales…

Joey Llanos, The Paradise Garage

David Depino, of the Paradise Garage , To name a few Djs.

Pioneer Electronics: 2011 Pioneer Manager for products flies in from Japan to hear the Slammer @ SystemNY


Once again SBS designs a new system with top billing with our latest design, The SBS Slammer. Our recent accomplishments:


In May of 2011, The SBS Slammer 100% Audiophile custom designed hifi Analog system at System Danceclub is nominated for TOP sound system in NYC, by Time Out New York magazine..



Recent interview on the Slammer at System Danceclub in NYC


This proves there is only 1 choice to design your next club with our Latest offering, The SBS Slammer ™  for the ultimate sonic experience



Oct 2011 – The Liberty Theatre re opens with The Liberty Slammer

A 6 point State of the Art SBS Slammer hifi Analog sound system, The next generation Slammer is sure to light up NYC!





SiriusXM goes SBS


Tuesday Oct 18th 2011 SiriusXM will be reopening Studio 54 for 1 more night to celebrate the Studio 54 radio station CH 15. SiriusXM will be bringing in the orig players from the Original Studio 54 staff. The orig Architect Scott Bromley, Managers Michael Overington, Doorman Marc Benecke and many more from Studio.



Oct 18, 2011 The Debut of the Pre production SBS Designs Iso-Q2 @ Studio 54

For such an amazing event I have sped up production on the SBS Designs Iso-Q2 my newest processor to be able to debut the Iso-Q2 in THIS Space with the original DJs from Studio 54 Nicky Siano and Leroy Washington with special guest Avicii… The feed was broadcasted thru The SBS Designs Iso-Q2 on Sirius Ch 15 for all to hear.



NOV 12 2011

2 more legendary DJs break what will be a legendary processor, The SBS Designs Iso-Q2.

1,Grammy award Producer DJ Sting Intl at the Morgan.

2, Grammy Award producer DJ David Morales @ Stereo in MTL for the Annerversary of this Iconic club


In 2012 He Officially Starts SBS Designs with a full product line, with former head of engineering of Summit and Thrive audio. His concept with SBS Designs, taking hifi pro audio to the next level, offering the best sounding product, with the best circuits & real user features that elevates the aural experience to the next level. SBS Designs products come with a 10 yr warranty, one of the best warranties in the industry.



SBS Designs – Hifi Performance processing and Hifi Pro Audio Amplifiers

SBS Designs offers High Quality processing & a full High end amp line offering 10 amplifiers total 6 Stereo amplifiers the S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6. SBS Designs offers 4 mono blocks, the M1, M2, M3 & M4 that is leaps and bounds ahead of anything they have designed before. SBS Designs Amplifiers are built with Traditional American amplifier values, sound amazing and test better then specs show. We believe an amplifier should produce what it tests at, and then some, but sounds amazing & not just to look great on paper for specs.



Recording Studio feedback

The SBS Designs Amplifiers have been getting praise from commercial studios by veteran engineers that are really enjoying the Amp line on there monitors. The 1st Product from SBS Designs released is The Iso-Q2 & has gotten Global acclaim by the pros in less the 4 months on the market. The Iso-Q2 Has an Amazing frequency response from 8hz – 100 Khz voiced to have a wide dynamic range that is very smooth, some say the sound is endless & once inserted in a sound system it improves the fidelity by many.



Iso-Q2 Product description

The Iso-Q2, a 3 band program eq and Isolator. The Iso-Q2 offers the most flexible features, offering unbalanced and balanced in and outs, an unbalanced effects loop which is selectable with a switch on the rear panel & sweep able frequencies on the low band and high band on the front panel via pots. The Iso-Q2 is used by many Grammy Award producers – David Morales of Def Mix prod, Louie Vega of Masters at Work, Sting Intl producer for Reggae artist Shaggy, which shows The SBS Designs Iso-Q2 is The HIFI performance processor of choice…



SBS Designs Distribution:

2012 Wave Distribution starts to distribute SBS Designs product line.  WAVE DISTRIBUTION



SBS Designs at Trade Shows Debut

Jan 2012 SBS Designs product line debut at The 2012 NAMM show in Anaheim Ca.



March 2012 Winter Music Conference in Miami Fl, SBS Designs Iso-Q2 is shown at all the top shows of WMC:

SBS Designs Iso-Q2 Ultimate Live Isolator demo Dates & Parties WMC 2012  By the Pros



Fri Mar 16 Electric Pickle– Music Legend Jellybean Benitez



Shelborne Pool March 17th– Pioneer Electronics, Def Mix party

With The Def Mix crew Grammy Award winning DJ David Morales, Grammy Award winning DJ Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero w/ special guests Quentin Harris, DJ Terry Hunter & Luis Radio from Italy



Monday Mar 19th at the National Hotel- John Davis presents 3 kings of House (90s House classics) with

Grammy Award winning DJ David Morales, Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega, Tony Humphries.

Videos of this massive event can be seen on www.sbsdesigns.com



Tuesday March 20 at The Vagabond Downtown

w/ Grammy Award winning DJ David Morales, Grammy Award winning DJ Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero & Brandon Morales



Wed Mar 21st The Delano Hotel- Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega

Vega Records with South Africa’s Finest w/ Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega, Anane Vega, Josh Milan, Boddhi Satva, Antonello Coghe, Oskido Feat The Professor / Culue De Song, FeU Fresh & Euphonik / Mahoota & Surprise Guest



Thurs Mar 22nd at The Vagabond- Dance Ritual Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega, Anane Vega, Tony Touch & MR V.



Fri Mar 23 at The Kung Fu Lounge @ The Catelina- NULU records Anane Vega & Antonello with Djeff, Alpha & Olmega



Sat Mar 24th Flashback @ Yuca Lounge- W/ Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega



Sun Mar 25th Shore club- DJ Erv, W/ Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega & Anane Vega



Recent Quotes, – The Pros all agree No system is complete without the Iso-Q2.


Louie Vega – Grammy award winner


“That new Isolator is the bomb. I need another one”. To leave at home, and one to take on the road with me.

David Morales – Grammy Award winner


“The Iso-Q, Rock solid bass with a kung fu kick. Caramel smooth mid-range, very comfortable on the ears.”

Sting Intl – Multiple Grammy Award winner Shaggy


“This new piece is amazing to work with and a must have “

Joey Llanos – The Paradise Garage


“Wow!!!! I have the older model but this upgraded version is a monster…”

Louie Lou Gorbea – World renowned producer



International trade show debut

March 2012 Wave distribution debuts the SBS Designs product line internationally at Musik Messe.


Late 2012 He gets ready to debut the SP1, The first product of its kind that will bring SBS Designs into Multiple applications.



The SP-1 Vacuum Tube warming device Description

The SP-1 is a High End processor that is 4 yrs in the making & is the 1st vacuum tube product for SBS Designs. We feel the SP1 will be Ground breaking Technology offered to the market with many features offered for the 1 st time. The voicing of SP1 will be breath taking and have his signature sound in any application.



Applications for SP-1:

Recording studio, PA tour market, Pro nightclub sound systems and Home HIFI market. The very 1st Pre Production SP-1 processor is do to be complete Summer of 2012