Recording Studios

C + Studios Alberta Calgary Canada

Long time SBS Designs çlient Chad Izbad shows off his C+ Studios located in Alberta Canada.

Chad has an extensive list of SBS Designs, his gear list is as follows:

2 SBS Designs ISO-Q2
1 SP-1 2UBE Processor
1 SP-1PRO 2UBE Processor
1 SBS Designs S2 Class AB Amplifier 

Chad speaks about SBS Designs:

“A few 19″ pieces have VIP reservations at the front of the desk, always within arms reach. The SBS Designs Iso-Q2 (2 units) and the SP1 Pro are right there with the Dangerous D-Box, Dangerous Compressor, Elysia X-Filter, Slate Dragons.”

The SBS designs are always patched into the signal chain, captured by 5.6MHz DSD archival recordings. Passive monitors powered by the SBS S2 Amplifier reveals a whole new dimension of sound.”

“Pick any SBS Designs product, they are all must buys for anyone who enjoys music.”



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