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  Troy Germano, Owner, Germano Studios “The studios have rigorously tested the SBS power amplifier with our nearfield monitors and the producer-mixer comments have been nothing short of spectacular… The S2 amplifier breathes life & warmth into our critical-listening monitoring”… About Germano Studios “The roster of artist’s who have recorded at the studios is … Continue readings


Erv Batista of “The Real NYC” Comments on the Iso-Q2. The ISO-Q2  is one of the most responsive units i`ve played on, The warmth is amazing and the cut is just as sharp. SBS Designs have set the bar high, they have the best unit on the market right now, just one session and you … Continue readings


Japanese Producer Kazuhiko Gomi comments on the SBS Designs S5 Class AB amp       “I heard the SBS Designs S5. It Sounds very warm and powerful!” “I strongly suggest you to check it out.”


Roey Shamir & Jon Lurie @ Area 51 NYC – AREA 51, owner and engineer Roey Shamir comments on the SBS Designs Amplifiers demoed at Area 51 in NYC w/ Assistant engineer Jon Lurie. SBS Designs Amps demoed: S2 on B&W 802 Nautilus (Area 51 house amp used for mixing Chord) (1) S4 on Tannoy … Continue readings

S2 Blackbird Studios 4

Blackbird Studios (Studio F) in Nashville Tenn: Multiple Grammy engineer David Hall David Hall Enjoying the SBS Designs S2 Amplifier   Quote: David Hall, Grammy engineer comments on the SBS Designs Iso-Q2: Blackbird Studios Nashville Tenn. ( Mix Engineer: Multiple Grammy winning David Hall Studio: Studio B (Studio B Gear list Below) Artist: … Continue readings

Sting International

Shaun Sting International Pizzonia – DJ, Grammy Award Producer On the SBS Designs Iso-Q2 “The ISO 2 was well worth the wait!” “Rock solid bass with a kung fu kick. Caramel smooth mid-range, very comfortable on the ears. Definitive extension on the upper mid and hi frequencies. Complete with a lo & hi freq sweep … Continue readings


Lou Gorbea, Global DJ & Producer, On the SBS Designs Iso-Q2   “Wow!!!! I have the older model you made years ago, but the Iso-Q2 is a monster…”   Louie Lou Gorbea


Joey Llanos – of the Paradise Garage Nightclub & Global Legend on the Iso-Q2   On the SBS Designs Iso-Q2: “Thanks to Shorty and his new SBS Designs Iso-Q2 improving the sound quality of even a Yorkville powered system 100%! This new piece is amazing to work with and a must have! Shorty’s comforting personality, … Continue readings

David Morales 2

  David Morales- Grammy Award Winning DJ – Def Mix Productions WMC 2013 Def Mix Productions party, on the Iso-Q2 & SP-1 2UBE Processor. Grammy Award music producer on the 1st Pre Production SBS Designs Iso-Q2, 2011 SBS Designs Iso-Q2: October 2012: By the way, that new Isolator is the bomb! I need another one, … Continue readings

SBS Guarantee

THE RATINGS GAME   The power ratings of the SBS Electronics S Series & TheM1,M2, M3, M4 Mono Block Amplifiers are “true real world ratings“, not rated @ 1K or from 20 – 20k, from the full frequency response rating of each amplifier. If an SBS Designs Amplifier were to be tested and rated against … Continue readings


Adam Childs- Sound Technician – Sullivan Room NYC On the SBS Designs ISO Q2 “You all need to get one. Hands down, Shorty out did him self on this. SullivanRoom & I had the opportunity to see this ‘Beast’ in action friday night With DJ Jellybean Benitez rocking his skills. Let me tell you: this … Continue readings

SBS Designs NAMM 2012 Prototype

SBS Designs NAMM Show 2012 Prototype   SBS Designs is proud to announce our presence at the 2012 NAMM Show and Exhibition. In keeping with the tradition of trade show participation we present this spy shot of SBS Designs’ newest concept product. What is it? It’s not an isolator… More to come after the show… … Continue readings