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S2 Blackbird Studios 4

Blackbird Studios (Studio F) in Nashville Tenn: Multiple Grammy engineer David Hall David Hall Enjoying the SBS Designs S2 Amplifier   Quote: David Hall, Grammy engineer comments on the SBS Designs Iso-Q2: Blackbird Studios Nashville Tenn. ( Mix Engineer: Multiple Grammy winning David Hall Studio: Studio B (Studio B Gear list Below) Artist: … Continue readings

Sting International

Shaun Sting International Pizzonia – DJ, Grammy Award Producer On the SBS Designs Iso-Q2 “The ISO 2 was well worth the wait!” “Rock solid bass with a kung fu kick. Caramel smooth mid-range, very comfortable on the ears. Definitive extension on the upper mid and hi frequencies. Complete with a lo & hi freq sweep … Continue readings


Lou Gorbea, Global DJ & Producer, On the SBS Designs Iso-Q2   “Wow!!!! I have the older model you made years ago, but the Iso-Q2 is a monster…”   Louie Lou Gorbea


Joey Llanos – of the Paradise Garage Nightclub & Global Legend on the Iso-Q2   On the SBS Designs Iso-Q2: “Thanks to Shorty and his new SBS Designs Iso-Q2 improving the sound quality of even a Yorkville powered system 100%! This new piece is amazing to work with and a must have! Shorty’s comforting personality, … Continue readings

David Morales 2

  David Morales- Grammy Award Winning DJ – Def Mix Productions WMC 2013 Def Mix Productions party, on the Iso-Q2 & SP-1 2UBE Processor. Grammy Award music producer on the 1st Pre Production SBS Designs Iso-Q2, 2011 SBS Designs Iso-Q2: October 2012: By the way, that new Isolator is the bomb! I need another one, … Continue readings