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2015 NAMM Post production stops by the MV Pro Audio Booth # 6809 and speaks to Multiple Grammy engineer Francis Buckley 4 elements to make a great record with Multiple Grammy award engineer Francis Buckley talks about Quincy Jones, SBS Designs, Systems By Shorty and more. Francis Buckley, Multiple Grammy Award mix engineer (Tamia, Quincy … Continue readings


2015 NAMM show SBS Designs Premiered in the MV Pro Audio Booth with Multiple Grammy award engineer Francis Buckley showing SBS Designs to the Recording Industry. Shows many engineers mix engineers and the Amazing Stevie Wonder stopping by listening to a few songs on SBS Designs at Namm SBS Designs on display: ISO-Q2 – Solid … Continue readings


SBS Designs Demo booth: 2013 Processor Designs: Iso-Q2, Sp-1 2UBE Processing 2014 Concept Prototypes: SP-1Pro 2UBE Processing SX-3 2 way 3 way dual mono Analog X-over 2013 S Series Amplifiers: S1 Class AB Amp, 65 @8 100 @4 ohms Per Channel S2 Class AB Amp, 125 @8 225 @4 ohms Per Channel S4 Class AB … Continue readings