SBS Slammer Hifi Analog Pro Audio Rentals & Sound system Sales

You’re not just buying from a sound company. You’re buying from an audio firm that has researched, developed and manufactured nearly acoustically flawless products, selected precisely for the conditions of use with great care and developed its own line of products out of dissatisfaction with any current existing product line. This is the singular work of Craig ‘Shorty’ Bernabeu. He’s today’s leading Audio Designer & Engineer of Analog Sound Systems in the world. . The SBS Slammer Standard goes beyond our superior award winning sound at SBS. The best sound systems in the world are conceived in the imagination of an audio genius like Shorty. He crafts the Cabinets (speakers) by hand, utilizing the finest materials and technology, to create an extraordinary, very high end piece of electronics that he also finishes according to the look you desire. . Less visible but very important are the amplifiers and processing that Shorty has created that permit the speakers to operate optimally and create magic sound. His proprietary designs permit meter-validated better sound than digital systems. Anyone who has heard an SBS Slammer will say the same, and it’s virtually undisputed that the sound at his showroom in NYC, Liberty Theater, is the best in NYC. . SBS Slammer is a boutique sound company whose philosophy and theory is based on producing the highest quality audio without compromise. From concept to creation, our ethics and superior degree of electronic proficiency and cabinet-making finesse are evident when you touch the fine materials used in the build and when you gaze upon the beauty of the craftsmanship. . An SBS Slammer is an experience that excites and stimulates all the senses. . More on the SBS Slammer Hifi Audiophile pro sound system sales & Rentals, please visit

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