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Kieth Munson Staff Engineer East West Studios Los Angeles (S2 & S5)

Kieth Munson Staff engineer at East West Studios gives his feedback & thoughts of the S2 & S5 Class AB Amps over the current Krell on Wilson Grand Slams & Bryston 4B in the control room on Pro-Acs:

SBS Designs S Series Amplifiers Demoed:

S2 Class AB Amplifier
S5 Pure Class AB High Current 2 Ohm Stable amplifier

East West Studios current in house Amplifiers:

Krell – FPB 200c Pure Class A Dual Mono amplifier (Dual Power Supplies)

Loud Speakers:

Wilson Audio – X-1 Grand Slamm series 3′s

Kieth Munson feedback

The SBS amps are incredibly punchy, and feel very smooth across all registers.  They feel very precise without being sterile. 

Tracks that I’m very familiar with sounded cleaner and much clearer than I’m used to hearing.  Subtleties that were lost listening on the Krell amps through the same system re-appeared with the depth and clarity that were intended on the SBS Amps.

I was really impressed with the way the S2 sounded in the control room hooked up to some Pro-Acs compared to the Bryston 4b.

Kieth Munson
Staff Engineer East West Studios
Los Angeles California

More info on the S series Amplifiers:



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