Kings Of House 2014 WMC Miami Florida (Iso-Q2, SP-1 & Membrane Prototype)

John Davis Presents Kings of House:

Grammy Award Winner – DEF MIX David Morales
Grammy Award Winner – MAW – Masters at Work Louie Vega
98.7 Kiss FM Legend Tony Humphries

Kings of House play to over 2000 people at the Kings of House party Winter music Conference 2014

The front end processing used :

3 SBS Designs Iso-Q2

1 as Booth monitor Eq
1 In the effects loop of the main mixer – Urei 1620

1 in 2nd set up for David Morales used in the front end loop insert

SBS Designs SP-1 2UBE Processor:

Inserted in the Loop insert of the Main Iso-Q2 / Urei 1620

1 SBS Designs Membrane concept Prototype:

The Membrane is a concept prototype pre amp designed to bypass the output stage of any mixer to offer the best fidelity, control and dynamics on any mixing board used.

Freq Resp:

5hz to 100K

Front panel Controls

Bass CFC Control (Center Freq Control)

Main Gain Control

Mid High CFC Control ( Center Freq Control)


Balanced & Unbalanced ins and outs

Selectable Effects loop

Unbalanced RCA In & Outs

Membrane release date TBC (To be confirmed)


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