S Series Amplifiers

SBS Designs S4 Variable Supply Amplifier

The S4 Series Stereo Amplifier:

The S4 is a variable supply amplifier that can be used for a variety of demanding applications.

Studio Ref Monitors:

These systems include (but are not limited to) small, medium or large full-range systems. On Bi-Amplified or Tri-Amplified studio Ref monitor systems, S4 would work amazing on Sub-Bass or Mid-bass components for the ultimate output, depth & resolution.

Sound Reinforcement:

The S4 works amazing on full-range loud speakers, on Low mid-range components, such as Mid-bass or on Sub-bass.  S4 can be applied to DJ booth monitors, low mid-range drivers in sound reinforcement, Even audiophile systems where accuracy and wide dynamic range are a must.

Live PA:

In Live PA applications, S4 is a perfect fit for Low Mid-Range cone drivers or on Compression drivers in Line Array settings, where pin point accuracy and high fidelity with the ultimate frequency response is 1st priority.


Recording Studios
Mastering Studios
Live PA
Nightclub Applications

Sound Reinforcement


450 watts @8 ohms per channel

800 watts @ 4 ohms per channel

Frequency Response from 10 HZ to 60 KHZ

Input Sensitivity 1.4 volts

Slew rate 70 v/us

THD .04%

Damping Factor 250

Class AB + variable supply output, featuring fully Class A drive sections.

3RU – Fan Cooled

Please contact sbsdesigns2011@gmail.com for your local Authorized dealer & pricing on the S4

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