Mastering Studio

Tone Proper Mastering (S5 Class AB Amplifier)

S5 replaces the Emotiva Mono-Block amplifiers at Tone Proper Mastering Oregon!

Mastering & Mix engineer Nick Moon on the S5 High Current Class AB Amplifier.

Look what just came in from SBS Designs!

Just fired-up the S5 Amp and about flipped! Now I have to re-master every record I’ve done!

The S5 High current 2 ohm stable Class AB amp at Tone Proper Mastering is driving B&W 800 Nautilus HIFI ref Mastering loudspeakers on Nov 25,2013.

About Tone Proper Mastering:

A Boutique All Analog Mastering Studio;

Located just outside Portland, Oregon Tone Proper Mastering was built from the ground up to be one of the best mastering facilities anywhere. With the finest and most coveted analog equipment around and a love for all things music I earn your business the old fashioned way, by doing a better job. With world wide releases in almost EVERY country in the world, the word “Tone Proper” is fast becoming a descriptive term of high quality audio


Nick Moon: Owner/Engineer

Nick Moon began his career as a drummer in various bands in the midwest. After attending Fullsail, Nick worked at Studio Chicago full time. The studio had a wide variety of clients including: Blue Note Records, Kanye West, Anthrax, Phil Collins and many more.


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