S Series Amplifiers

SBS Designs S6 Class AB+B Amplification

The S6 Series:

The S6 is our 2nd High current offering and operates extremely well at lower impedances, providing a very musical sound with a lot of muscle.

S6 is stable in a 2,3 4 or 8 ohm load & delivers a ton of power as a result of a very large power supply that yields a tremendous amount of reserve for large peak transients with 32 output devices, 8 pairs per channel.


Recording & Mastering Studios Ref systems:

S6 can be used flawlessly on small, medium & large sized full-Range passive control room monitors. The S6 works flawlessly on high end passive monitors that can sometimes offer x-over networks with large chokes that are very in-efficient and can drain the output stage on most amplification.

The S6 is the perfect fit on Bi, Tri or Quad amplified monitor systems in a recording studio or a mastering studio, where sonic detail and finesse are top priority on a mix down or for mastering a studio recording.

Live & Sound Reinforcement:

The S6 can be used with amazing output & sonic fidelity on Sub-Bass, Mid-Bass, Low mid-range drivers or on Mid-High frequency Compression Drivers in a house sound system of any venue searching for the ultimate playback system.

S6 can be used flawlessly on booth monitors in a Live PA or Nightclub sound reinforcement application for the ultimate play back monitor system where sonic fidelity, ultra wide frequency response and pin point accuracy is 1st Priority.


689 @8 ohms per ch

1100 @4 ohms per ch

1600 @ 2 ohms per ch

Damping Factor 300

Freq Resp 10 hz to 60k

Topology,  fully true complementary Class AB + Class B boost.

THD .03

Slew Rate 80 V/us

Input Sensitivity 1.4

3 RU Fan Cooled

Please contact sbsdesigns2011@gmail.com for your local Authorized dealer & pricing on the S6

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